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Video marketing has become essential in any modern communication strategy. On the one hand, video tends to stand out from the mass of photos and articles published online, and on the other hand, it is possible to produce a quality video with a relatively modest budget. Video marketing also allows you to put a face and a personality to a name, helping to build trust. Of course, there are many other elements to consider when creating promotional content. The message is still the key vehicle, but the quality of the video reflects the professionalism and reliability of your company. We'll give you 8 tips on how to successfully create your own effective promotional video that reflects your image.

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  1. Know your target audience and tailor your video and speech to them. It can be very formal or very familiar depending on the target audience your product is aimed at.
  2. Plan the shoot in advance. Will it be a series of interviews? What will the location be? What do you want the audience to remember? Plan all of this in advance and you will save time and money on the shoot.
  3. Write a script, but don't overdo it. Don't feel like you're reading your brochure. Make the video a conversation. Know your audience and respond to their needs and questions.
  4. Prepare and rehearse what you are going to say in advance. This will make it sound more natural than reading from your script.
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5. Be technically proficient. Use a tripod to avoid shaking. Using a wireless microphone will provide the best capture for an interview style video. We recommend using a professional to edit your video for best results.

6. Promotional videos often consist of short interview clips or testimonials. It is often useful to add music (beware of rights!) to make it more dynamic and in line with the subject being filmed.

7. Pay attention to the overall look of the shot. Look at the shots once they are shot and rearrange them if necessary. Keep it short. Consider your attention span when making your promotional video.

8. We recommend a 2-3 minute edit for web publication. A length of 3 to 5 minutes will be appropriate for specific uses such as tests or tutorials.