Post your video on Facebook

Facebook remains an essential choice in any communication strategy due to its versatility and number of users.

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The easiest way to share your video as a post.

Videos can now be up to 240 minutes long when posted in the news feed.

  • video format : MP4 or MOV
  • length : from 3 seconds to 240 minutes
  • maximum size : 4 GB
  • orientation : square (1/1), portrait (9/16), vertical (4/5) or landscape (16/9)
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Stories are photo and video content that generates engagement with users. These are temporary. They remain only a few seconds on the screen and are completely erased after 24 hours.

  • video format : MP4 or MOV
  • duration : 1 to 15 seconds
  • orientation : square (1/1), portrait (9/16), vertical (4/5) or landscape (16/9)

Combining both the emotional impact of video with the immediacy of social media can strengthen the relationship with customers and prospects.

One of the strengths of video is that it stimulates memory far more than words alone.

Social networks like Facebook are already making their possible to make it easier to use video on their platforms.

Last tip: Upload videos with the highest resolution possible, it's important for your audience's viewing experience.