Keep it short!

All social networks have understood this and propose short formats. Boosted by Instagram and TikTok, the short video is now taking a prominent place.

To be understood, you have to build a short and impactful message from the first seconds. Videos are massively consulted on mobile: in the subway, the bus or a waiting room.

Short videos are more rhythmic, more entertaining and are massively appealing. Today, Internet users only read an average of 20% of the text displayed on a page... hence the need to hook them quickly. A short video is therefore an even more relevant format for getting your message across!

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  • For a 1 min video you will need at least 25 different shots
  • For a 2 min video you will need at least 35 different shots
  • Shoot the same object/ location from different perspectives
  • The more you film, the more we have to work with!