How to shot your video properly ?

Choosing a camera

First of all, you have to determine which camera you will use. The equipment needed to shoot your video ad is not necessarily expensive.

What is the best camera? It's the one you already have in your pocket : your smartphone.

You can also shoot with a webcam, a go pro or a regular camera obviously.

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When you choose an indoor location to shoot your video, you should also pay attention to lighting. Choose a room or space with good natural lighting (ideally with indirect sunlight). You want to make sure that the subject is evenly lit (especially the face).

TIP: Never place the person you are filming in front of a window.

Faites une vidéo de fin dannée


Sound quality is even more important than lighting. If your promotional video has poor sound, users won't understand it and, more importantly, they won't remember it.

If your budget allows it, the best way to get quality sound is to use a microphone.

TIP: Always take a few seconds to listen carefully to the surrounding noise.

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When you turn on your camera, think about the rule of thirds to improve composition. This basic creative principle achieves balance by dividing shots into thirds. This will make your potential customers feel like your video ad is more natural and impactful.

TIP: Don't be afraid to shoot close-ups or from different angles. The more you shoot, the more content we have for editing.

Voilà ! Vous savez maintenant comment créer une vidéo qualitative.
Vous pouvez commencer à attirer de nouveaux clients en leur racontant l'histoire, par exemple, de votre entreprise.

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